Primus Dorrajimus (gethenix) wrote in simcity,
Primus Dorrajimus

SimCity 3000

Hi everyone; new here. Glad this is here. I just got Sim City 3000 last week and after a few failed cities, finally got the jist of it. I currently am working on a city; it's called Mavicus. Mavicus has 80,000 people and a very demanding citezenry that always wants taxes below 3%; as if 2% is too or something. Anyway, I've come into some troubling and puzzling scenarios.

I've read what the city planner says about zoning and creating sea ports. Mine is large enough, power, watered, roaded and on the coast. Despite industry demands to have further connections, the seaport is not developing. Crime is non-existent in the area. It's on low value land. It's got everything in right condition. WHat's further odd; I just laid down the first marina and with its inception, I noticed right off the bat, that boats started to appear. Not just sail boats, but cargo ships. There's five of them floating around out there and none of them are coming for the seaport.

Also. Am I correct in assuming that I can't pump places full of water if the pumps are connected to salt water. Well, if I put a desalinization plant on the coast, will that enable me to pump water to coastal places?

Also, I am having trouble building bridges. I've read what the city planner says about building bridges, but nothing happens. I drag the cursor over water; nothing happens. I click at edge of land and water; nothing happens. Is there something I am not doing right? I have to build a bridge to the other side of the river, because old city Mavicus has filled up and residential zones are in high demand. Plus, I'm fearing my population will decrease if I don't move over quickly, especially with a demand to improve the aura of the city.
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